Green Marketing: What’s With All The Hype?

What’s Green Marketing?

While green marketing is not necessarily the epicenter of what we do, it IS often a natural result of our work. Given that we work with ethical businesses with a focus on creating a healthier planet, their sustainable stewardship is typically at the forefront of their messaging.

Green Marketing (or Sustainable Marketing) is the practice of promoting a business based on their contribution to environmental sustainability.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more commonplace for people to choose businesses that are promoting sustainable practices. Having a good business model is not only based on having a great product or service and excellent customer services, but it’s also based on your level of ethical awareness and action.

Some examples of sustainable businesses include those that are

    • Using sustainable production practices
    • Utilizing biodegradable or recyclable packaging
    • Advocating for sustainable practices and awareness
    • Creating products with recycled materials
    • Purchasing materials through ethical trade
    • Producing reusable products
    • Inspiring and organizing social justice initiatives

So…What’s With the Hype?

According to Harvard Business Review, “NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business just completed extensive research into U.S. consumers’ actual purchasing of consumer packaged goods (CPG)…and found that 50% of CPG growth from 2013 to 2018 came from sustainability-marketed products.”

The study also found that the percentages of consumers opting for sustainable consumer packaged goods are going up year by year.

This statistic demonstrates the increasing demand for sustainable practices. It’s also pushing larger corporations that have turned away from the shift to green production to change their ways. A win for planet Earth!

Green Marketing Strategies

Honesty is Key

With the Go Green Revolution has come the desire for businesses to become sustainable without making tactical changes. There is a high potential for untrue and misleading claims, making it that much more important to be transparent and honest in what you tell the public. While claiming that your business is green can positively impact sales and reputation, it can also have the reverse effect if the claims are untrue.

Show Proof

As an extension of the first point, you can prove your business’s authenticity in its claims by providing authentic proof. There are several ways to do this:

  • Disclose as much information as possible on your website
  • Discuss your sustainable practices via blogs, social media marketing and so on
  • Rather than covering up negative information, address it with humility
  • Utilize helpful infographics
  • Show how you do it with videos
  • Provide statistics

Encourage Consumers

A great way to build public trust regarding your business’s green practices is to encourage consumers to go green as well. If your business creates products, then you can incorporate green tips on the bottle packaging. For example, if you’re producing bottled beverages, you can include a colorful note that explains how to properly recycle them. Buyers will feel that they’ve done their good deed by following your directions! Similarly, if you provide services such as lawn mowing, you can send out a newsletter explaining how to fertilize a lawn without using harmful chemicals.

Good Fight Marketing helps fortify the impact that ethical businesses have on global well-being by helping them get the word out, scale up and create lasting positive change on our planet. If you’re seeking personalized support with your green and sustainable marketing strategies, contact us at